About Us

Onlinebrowsergames.at is the brain child of a group of gaming enthusiasts just like you! After spending years playing games online, we wanted to create a space that could be about for the online gamer –  the online gamer’s one-stop-shop. We were also tired of having to download new software or apps for every new game we wanted to play — we believe in a no-fuss way of gaming. During our gaming, we found there was a great lack of online resources helping gamers find free online browser games, and that is when the concept of onlinebrowsergames.at was born.

We wanted our experience and research to benefit the other gaming enthusiasts out there searching for the best online browser games. In this age of information, the options for online gaming are vast. Finding a reputable website with the free games you desire can take ages, but hopefully with our website your search will be simple and fast.

The idea for onlinebrowsergames.at came from our love of free online browser games, but we hope to expand in the future. Please make sure to keep checking back in from time to time to see any updates or information about the newest games and best websites!

The online gaming industry is constantly evolving and changing.  New games, new platforms and new ways of interacting with the consumer are constantly coming to the forefront of the industry.  This is one of the most exciting things about working within online gambling.  One of the things that keeps up excited and marveling at the new.  Every week we, here at onlinebrowsergames.at get bombarded with emails about the new technologies and systems that are being introduced.  I’d almost say that we can’t keep up – which wouldn’t be a very markety-marketing kind of a thing to say, I know, but by George, things are fast paced.

But we thrive on it – so keep reading, and try to keep up!!