Privacy Policy

If you are concerned about your privacy when you use the internet – well, you should be!  However, not so much for  Reason being, here at, we don’t take your information.  We don’t hold information on you – we are simply a resourse informational site, and so the rules that govern your privacy on other websites, aren’t really applicable to us.  You probably have come across all the new GDPR regulations and amendments that have recently come into force in the UK too… but yet again, we aren’t really affected by these new regulations, as we don’t hold, store, or collect your data.

Your privacy is of course, however, important to us, so we can definitively say, that should you contact us for any reason, any information that you pass on to us will be held in the strictest confidence, purely for the duration of our communications, and will then be deleted from our databanks once our direct relationship has ceased.

Our website does not employ cookies and therefore we don’t have any data collected from you from that mechanism.